About the Band




MURDERBAIT: An ethereal tide of minor chorded trances with roots firmly established in the fringes of the early punk movement, as well as early 70's kraut-rock, and various forms and eras of psych, and even elements of smoke drenched jazz and American folk.




Taking up the torch that artists such as Cohen, Bowie, and Cave, have blazed, Murderbait walks an unpaved road of uncertainty and is unafraid to show the colors of such stems, yet is no stranger to experimentation and casually walking past boundaries set by most "scenes". Murderbait's lyrics tend to drift from story telling in thinly veiled fable, to observational explorations of the human condition and the oddity of existence. 


Given these multitude of factors and pulls, Murderbait unapologetically evolves from album to album, from song to song, and from performance to performance.





“The vocals have a shade of David Eugene Edwards from Wovenhand, with a bit of Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance, and a splash of Nick Cave for good measure. I just turned off the lights and fell into the album for the duration, and it was epic. I'll be going back to this one a fair few times.” - William Faith (Faith and the Muse, The Bellwether Syndicate, Christian Death, Conflict, etc.)

"I sense that their headlining slot at Portland's Into The Shadows festival will be historic. Murderbait, more than any other Portland band, has risen as the essence of this city's mystique." - Dave Cantrell (91.1 / 107.1 XRAY.FM Songs From Under the Floorboard)

"Murderbait continues to evolve their dark, gritty blend of synthy post-punk with a unique and potent force. With sophisticated lyrics and a driving sound, they will pull you beneath the surface and into their own transcending atmosphere." - Zär Blackthorn (Post-Punk.com)